Leave Your Past Behind You

Leave Your Past Behind You

You finally can through expungement law in Brownsville, TX

Your past mistakes shouldn't follow you through life. If past criminal charges are impacting your ability to get jobs, housing and loans, you should reach out to the Law Office of Michael Benton. Our expungement law attorney fights to seal and erase records for clients in Brownsville, TX.

There are multiple ways to go about this. You may be eligible for a non-disclosure of records or a complete discharge. Attorney Benton can also work on your expungement before you even go to trial by setting up probation or other agreements. You have options.

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Is the government trying to take away your property?

You have a right to your possessions, whether that means your guns, your home or your car - even your bank accounts. Law enforcement may try to take these things from you unjustly if you're suspected of involvement with criminal activity. This is called civil forfeiture. Attorney Benton can protect you and your belongings.

Consult our attorney on civil forfeiture in Brownsville, TX today.